We deliver the right brands to the right people for the right business environments. HP, Dell, Lenovo and Apple are our top brands.




HP is our leading brand. We are proud to sell the brand and support it. We have a selection of Lenovo, Dell and Mecer desktops to give variety to our clients.




We have a wide range of printers from the entry level up to the large businesses for our clients with a particular bias on HP.




When we think about robustness, versatility and cutting edge technology – we think, breathe, talk and sell HP and Dell. Our expertise in the two brands makes us proud to keep our clients running 24x7. Try us and you will keep us forever.




Mobile phones have since ceased to be voice communication tools only, they have now become a reckoning force and very versatile for office operations. We market the Apple, HP, Samsung and the HTC brands amongst other most sought after mobiles.




Once we supply printers and imaging solutions, we are compelled to supply the toners and ink cartridges. We ensure that only genuine consumables are supplied and used to help prolong printers’ life.




Our team of certified Network Engineers and Technicians always complete their network installations according to standards and our post installations support is commendable.






We have earned a good reputation for supplying genuine software and ensuring that Corporates, Government, Educational instititutions and Individuals use licenced Microsoft and Anti-virus security software. Our expertise in data recovery and systems support makes us suitable business partners.




We stock a wide range of accessories as follows:

  • External hard drives for desktops and laptops
  • Assorted peripherals such as keyboards, mice, USB adapters, APC power surge protectors and many other various gadgets
  • UPSes
  • Computer components and spares
  • Printer spares and components